A2040FPTS Bypass FPR w/Differential Fuel Pressure & Temp Sensor
[Years: 92-10]

A2040FPTS Bypass FPR w/Differential Fuel Pressure & Temp Sensor

Another exclusive product from VSP! Based on the successful Weldon A-2040, this regulator is packed full of features that are needed to correctly input information regarding fuel system pressure and/or temperature status to top level ECU's, or to output gauge information directly in a usable format.

Most motorsports ECU's have strategies compensating for fuel pressure and temperature. There is only one problem; when using a boost referenced regulator, this function is near useless unless your fuel pressure sensor can read the same pressure differential that the injectors see. Without using a differential pressure sensor, the ECU or gauge will report a constantly variable fuel pressure depending on manifold pressure.

Think of it this way: Your fuel pressure is actually the relationship between the manifold and fuel rail pressure. With 45psi rail pressure, and -15psi vacuum in the manifold, your actual fuel injection pressure is 60psi across the injector. A standard pressure sensor based on atmosphere cannot see this, it will only output the 45psi relationship to atmosphere. The other problem, is that its output will be variable based on the pressure fluctuations as a result of the boost reference function of the regulator.

There is no way to properly correct fuel pressure unless the "normal" pressure has a static number, even as the pressure changes compared to atmosphere as a result of pressure referencing. The A2040 solves both of these problems by using a 1:1 boost referenced regulator and a differential pressure sensor used in tandem. The regulator and sensor both reference the manifold pressure at 1:1, and as a result, will always output a static number, regardless of the manifold and fuel pressure compared to atmosphere- unless of course the fuel pressure is actually dropping off in relation to its reference, making it useful for correction or fault finding. For example, a 60psi base pressure will still read 60psi at Vacuum [0.0 Bar], or even Boost [2.0 Bar]. The fuel pressure relationship between Rail and Manifold is being sensed, not its [near useless] relationship to atmosphere.

Included is a variation of the A2040 regulator fitted with a Fuel Differential Pressure & Temperature Sensor, as well as a sensor connector and raw terminals for installation. Sensor range is 0-72.5psi Differential [base fuel pressure max], but can operate at well over 72.5psi to atmosphere safely [burst pressure is 450psi]. Please note that the base pressure maximum is NOT the fuel system pressure maximum. If you have 50psi of boost pressure and a base pressure of 60psi, you are still at 60psi as far as the sensor is concerned- even though your rail pressure is 110psi in that example.

This regulator can be set up for different types of readings by connecting or disconnecting various ports and connections based on the intended purpose. The differential port if left disconnected will cause it to act as a standard gauge. If the boost port is left disconnected as well, it becomes a static reference regulator for fuel/temp. The regulator can also be referenced to by manifold pressure or charge pipe pressure. Manifold correction will pull fuel pressure down under vacuum, helping idle quality of large injectors running very minimal pulsewidths, where charge pipe reference will create a static pressure in all vacuum ranges if your base maps are written in that fashion.

-0-5V signal pressure sensor w/common sensor ground for temp sensor
-RTD type temperature sensor
-Fastest response rate
-Provides stable fuel delivery for the most demanding requirements
-Regulators maintain steady fuel delivery during dramatic changes in fuel demand, such as WOT conditions, boost application and gear changes
-Fully adjustable from 4-200 psi
-.281" bypass orifice
-Hardened steel ball and replaceable steel seat
-Fluorosilicone diaphragm
-Compatible with most racing fuels including ethanol, and methanol
-1/8" NPT manifold pressure reference port
-Fuel pressure increases on a 1:1 ratio with boost
-Two -10 pressure ports
-One -8 return port
-Replaceable / interchangeable internal components
-User serviceable
-For use with all Weldon Pumps up to the D-2345, as well as pumps from other manufactures
-Weldon silver anodized cover


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