Tilton 3-Plate Carbon/Carbon Clutch System
[Years: 92-16]

Tilton 3-Plate Carbon/Carbon Clutch System
This is a complete Tilton clutch upgrade kit. The Carbon/Carbon Tilton clutches are quite literally the best clutches you can buy. Tilton has more experience building racing clutches than anyone else, even supplying most of NASCAR, as well as our very own Viper GTS-R that raced in some of the toughest and longest races in the world. The entry fee may be high for Carbon clutches compared to metallic or organic, but the results speak for themselves. A carbon clutch engages smoothly making it streetable, unlike most metallic clutches. It has extreme power handling capability making it suitable for both drag and road racing, unlike organic clutches. Lastly, unlike either metallic or organic, it is also virtually immune to localized clutch surface overheating. In fact, they grab better when warmer preventing runaway slippage, and do not suffer from plate warpage like every other competitor clutch of any material. Tilton's patented 100% carbon disc system will never warp, no matter how hot it gets- this fact does not apply to any other Carbon clutches on the market, which use carbon pucks attached to steel plates.

The Carbon/Carbon series clutches have long life and are rebuildable back to spec 2-3 times for roughly 10-15% of its original cost. Included with these clutches are 2 wear plates. When the clutch exceeds its wear limit (.025"-.040"), you go to the next thickest plate. The clutch can wear a total of three times (original+2 plates) before a rebuild is needed. Since a rebuild can be performed two to three times, each clutch-pack will have approximately 9-12 wear intervals in its lifespan. Each wear interval is roughly equivalent to the lifetime of other aftermarket "High Capacity" clutches, and should be 10,000-15,000 street miles. Lifetime, of course, depends much on the driver and its use. Do not be alarmed during the initial break-in (about 100 city miles) if the clutch squeaks during engagement, it will reduce and eventually disappear as the discs seat.

Tilton rates their clutches at Minimum Dynamic Release, which takes torque spikes from even the roughest firing engines into account, where other manufacturers only list maximum release. This accounts for Tilton's rated torque capacities being underrated by 50% or more when compared to other manufacturers. Horsepower capability in the Viper's normal rev range is approximately 1500 Horsepower with the standard GG Spring. For the sake of comparison, a cold GG clutch in good condition would be conservatively comparable to a competitors clutch listed at 1500 lb/ft. For those cars which really push the envelope, a GGG Spring option is available which supplies 20% more clamping force than a GG Spring, or a 4-plate variant that increases horsepower capability to north of 2000 [contact for info]. Pedal effort is approximately 50% higher than stock, but also 50% shorter and with a very smooth engagement.

Included is the following;

-Tilton Flywheel
-Tilton Flywheel Bolt Kit
-Tilton 3-plate Carbon/Carbon GG Spring Clutch Assembly
-Tilton Clutch Bolt Kit
-Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing Assembly & Lines
-Tilton Wear Plates (2)
-NEW Mopar Clutch Master Cylinder [If Applicable]

NOTE: If purchasing a Master Cylinder, your OEM Slave Cylinders Hydraulic Quick Coupling is required as a core to be retrofitted to the new Hydraulic Release Bearing, these are not available separately for purchase.


The standard kit includes a Tilton 12.5 pound flywheel. This flywheel is NOT intended for street use, it is race use only. It will make the car difficult to get moving from a stop, especially up inclines, and will require much more slippage than a heavier weighted flywheel, effectively killing your clutch life. It requires a much firmer grasp on manual transmission driving techniques to get a smooth shift than an OEM clutch assembly, though it is capable of faster shifting and rev matching. This is the flywheel of choice for road racing.

For ease of street use and MUCH improved clutch life, there is an option below to replace the above light flywheel with a Heavyweight flywheel that was designed by Viper Specialty & Tilton Engineering. This is a VSP Exclusive, and ONLY AVAILABLE HERE. The heavyweight flywheel weighs approximately 45 pounds, which will feel much more streetable. This flywheel retains 80% of the OEM flywheel and pressure plate assemblies MMOI, but with approximately 40% less weight (28 lb. Reduction). This is a wonderful combination as the flywheel will "feel" (Mass Moment Of Inertia) like a heavier flywheel than it actually is. You get the benefits of easy starting from the inertial increase, without the side effect of adding almost 30 pounds to the car. Overall, this option will feel very similar to an aluminum flywheel/OEM pressure plate combination, and also happens to be almost identical to the 2008 Viper flywheel's MMOI, but with about 2.5x the torque capacity.

Please select the applicable Engine Block Year, Flywheel Weight, Master Cylinder Style, and Spring Type.

Each and every Tilton setup is custom made to order and serialized. Lead times vary depending on the time of the year and options required. Generally, 12-16 weeks is about right, and worth the wait. Do not wait until the last minute to order this product!

Available Options:

Engine Block Year:

Flywheel Weight:

Master Cylinder:

Spring Pack:

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