Please note that VSP will be operating under limited capacity off-location until further notice. Machined Products, Engine Building & Vehicle Services are temporarily unavailable. Please contact us before ordering for more information.

Perfection. That is our only requirement.

Viper Specialty Performance was conceptualized in order to give life to what so many car enthusiasts dream about. The dreams that encompass our idea of perfection; man and machine working together in perfect harmony. We want your car to be a more a part of you and your desire to drive than you ever thought possible. From the simplest appearance item to the most complex engine components, these are the fundamental ideologies that drive us to instill the highest quality possible in everything we manufacture or assemble.

As a business, we have specialized in high performance cars which tip the scales in complexity and exotic nature since our very beginning. There are no projects which we hesitate to tackle, and strive to attain perfection regardless of nature. Specializing in Vipers and moving into the realm of Super Exotics, our experience with the top-tier cars is ever growing. From regular service and purchase inspections to performance work and custom component design, Viper Specialty keeps the exotic car owner in mind, and what they expect from their vehicle and driving experience. We work to make your car what you dream of... whether or not it came from the factory that way.

Here at VSP, we start where the dealer stops.

Drive Life.