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Now stocking & Repairing All 1992-2006 Viper and 2004-2006 Ram SRT-10 PCM's [Powertrain Control Modules]
ALL AVAILABLE; From 1992 Viper RT/10 to 2006 Ram SRT-10 Quad Cab Automatic!

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The "what I have laying around for sale" list:

1. Gen-2 A/C compressor, virtually new; 495.00

2. 2014 Jeep SRT Front Fascia, White, factory paint blem, includes includes appliques/chrome trim; 695.00 OBO. [Pick-Up or Local Deliver ONLY]

3. Gen-2 ABS OE Brakes, per corner [Caliper, Pads, Rotor, Lines]; 350.00 F, 250.00 R OBO.

4. Gen-2/3/4 OE Rod/Piston Sets, Hypereutectic; Various Conditions Available

5. Gen-3/4 Front Inner Fender Driver Side, Good Used, Front Extensions NOT attached; 750.00

6. Gen-2 Plush Floor Mats, Black/Yellow Embroidery w/Fang Logo, NEW; 249.00

7. Gen-2 Plush Floor Mats, Black/Yellow Embroidery w/Sneaky Pete Logo, Used/Fair; 125.00

8. 2008-2014 Throttle Body Pair, chipped at front opening, otherwise fine; 80.00/ea OBO