Viper Specialty has the knowledge and the means to make your car everything you have ever dreamed of. Quite literally, what you can dream up, we can bring to reality. We work with many companies who specialize in various fields and work under contract with them to assure that the best possible person is doing each aspect of every job. From complex machining to custom paint and body work, we have the contacts to get it done right, the first time. Even if you have a problem that there is currently no solution to, ASK US! If you want a solution, we will do our best to find it -or design it- if we have to.

We also realize that not everyone is trying to be king of the road, but would just like someone knowledgeable to advise them on keeping their car in top condition, so it is ready when they are. We would like the opportunity to serve these exotic car enthusiasts as well. Below is just a short list of what we can offer you.


•Complete Line of Aftermarket and OEM Products
•Engine Design, Machining and Assembly
•Custom Component Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing
•Engine Turbocharging System Design
•Engine Supercharging System Design
•Chassis, Driveline & Suspension Components
•Cosworth Professional Motorsports Electronics
•Engine Management: Pectel, MoTeC, AEM Infinity, VEC3/VEC2
•Pi Chassis & Engine Data Acquisition Systems
•MIL-Spec Wiring Harness Design & Production
•Factory PCM SCT-Flash Tuning
•SMD Electronics Repair
•CAN Protocol Development and Interface
•Machine Work & TIG Welding
•Sales and Purchase Inspections
•"House Call" & "Emergency Services" Available (If Applicable)

Service Rates:

•Non-VSP Technical Support: ------- $250.00/Hr   [4-Hr Min]
•Engineering & SMD Repair: -------- $175.00/Hr   [2-Hr Min]
•Fabrication: -------------------------- $165.00/Hr   [2-Hr Min]
•Super Exotic: ------------------------ $160.00/Hr   [2-Hr Min]
•Tuning: ------------------------------- $150.00/Hr   [1-Hr Min]
•Electrical: ---------------------------- $140.00/Hr   [1-Hr Min]
•Mechanical/Body: ------------------- $125.00/Hr   [1-Hr Min]
•Purchase Inspections: -------------- $100.00/Hr   [1-Hr Min]
•Travel: -------------------------------- $80.00/Hr    [1-Hr Min]