September 2013:

Now... things are getting exciting. We have been finishing up some back-burner projects, and on the list of things completed in September is the first completed and fully functional MyGig Installation into an SRT-10, complete with Auto-Dimming Mirror upgrade. Also completed around the same time was a new generation version of the Cosworth Omega ICD Digital Dashboard visual templates, as well as a superior billet bracket assembly for mounting the ICD. The final result of this new interior is stunning. This is now hands down the most technologically advanced Gen-4 car built to date, and boasting a whole new level of interior advancements and control.

July 2013:

With the return of Alison's rebuilt SRT-10, comes yet another Gen-1 Head Gasket update. We have done many of these, and have sold more Gen-1 Head Gaskets and other upgraded gaskets than any other Viper shop, at over six-hundred sets and counting... just for Gen-1! Make sure you contact us before tackling this update so we can make sure you get the right components to avoid ever needing to do the job again. This particular job was a little out of the ordinary however, as we discovered that in Cylinder #8, there had been a failure at some point in the past, like a Spark Plug Electrode. This necessitated the replacement of the rod, piston, and sleeve. Luckily we were able to locate a NOS #8 cylinder assembly- just what the doctor ordered.

May 2013:

As Spring is sprung on us, so have the oddball projects. Besides our very own long list of things we need to tackle, we are working on bringing a local Viper SRT-10 back to life. This car was unknowingly purchased with a number of issues in Canada, and needs some serious TLC to bring it back. We will be coordinating an engine rebuild, sorting out the drivetrain, and locating and correcting any issues we run across from front to back. We always advise buyers to have any potential purchases inspected by a reputable Viper shop or owner before purchasing. There are many shady places out there!

April 2013:

Just another month in the world of Vipers. Thanks to "Fuzz" for allowing us to give his Toxic Orange a visual hit... right out of the park. I also must commend Snake Hydes for the incredible job they did on his interior. Bravo guys.

March 2013:

A lot of new things coming for the start of 2013. We now have in stock and are shipping the A2040FPTS Fuel Pressure Regulator & Differential Fuel Pressure/Temperature systems. They have been tested, and perform exactly as intended. Order one up for your high-end build. Also of note is that as of the middle of the month, we have added another VS-X engine to the NARRA racing series! Good luck to VisionSource in US-TTU!

January 2013:

Another new product waiting in line at the CNC shop! We are working with Weldon Fuel Systems to produce another exclusive product: a differential fuel pressure and temp sensor compatible Weldon A2040 Fuel Pressure Regulator, called the A2040FPTS. The coupling of a Boost Referenced Regulator and a Differential Pressure Sensor allows any manifold referenced fuel system [Boost or N/A] to properly account for fuel pressure changes in a Motorsports ECU, or to visually use the information in a fuel pressure gauge. These applications where variable [to atmosphere, but not variable to manifold] fuel pressure used to be reported as a useless variable value, will now be reported as static number unless actually dropping off, and thus usable to the eye and ECU for fuel corrections. To date, no such aftermarket regulator design has been found which is made to do what this regulator will be able to do.

December 2012:

We have decided to dedicate the first half of 2013 to getting any and all possible back-burner projects sitting on the shelves completed. There is a demand for some of these shelved developments which just cannot be ignored. One of these products is the MyGig Radio Conversion for the SRT-10's, and it is well underway to completion. We are expecting to have this package ready for installation in the Spring. This will be one hell of a jump in technology for the interior of the SRT-10's, and include HDD Based Navigation, DVD, Bluetooth Audio and Phone, Sirius Radio, Sirius Traffic, On-Board Music Storage, USB Connectivity and Storage to name a few- and even the option to incorporate an auto-dimming rear-view mirror as part of the package, all with OEM level design.

November 2012:

With great pride, we would like to announce that VSP is now a direct authorized distributor for Cosworth Professional Motorsports Electronics. We have been working with Cosworth/Pectel/Pi products for a few years, but up until now this transition to directly dealing with Cosworth on an exclusive basis was not possible due to company policies. As Cosworth has been restructured, we have been given full entrance into this elite market, and will be working with Cosworth to help them better support the motorsports electronics supplied to the USA marketplace. We will begin by beta testing a few new jaw-dropping products, such as the new Omega ICD and Omega D4- be sure to keep your eyes peeled here over the next few months as we report back on them!

October 2012:

Engines out, engines in! As the season winds down, we would like to remind everyone who is running in any racing series to tally your engine hours, and contact us if a refresh is needed before next season. Race Engines should be refreshed every season, or 80 track hours, whichever comes later. Dry Sump Engines should be refreshed at a schedule dictated by your unique wear rate as determined by previous refreshes, but no less than every 150 track hours or every other season.

June 2012:

Summer 2012... what does that mean? It means engines to build and products to develop. Speaking of products, we now have stock on our new rear SRT-10 Stone Shields as well as fronts, and we have undertaken a new initiative to completely rid Gen-1 and 2 engines of problematic paper gaskets which seep, blow out, and fail to seal. We have a completely new line of Aluminum Cored Foam Gaskets. They don't seep, blow out, or otherwise fail, and are much more tolerant to the commonly seen surface pitting caused by the old paper gaskets. In stock now!

April 2012:

The VS-X700 is alive, completed and on the road, and the response is overwhelming. The car is quite literally perfection on wheels. It sounds perfect, drives better than stock, looks better under the hood than ANY Viper engine bay to date, and makes 710 crank horsepower on our perfectly tame and stable mild camshaft. Who could ask for more? Power without compromise.

March 2012:

The number of custom parts for the VS-X700 is leaning towards the "extreme" mark, but the end justifies the means around here. The Throttle Bodies are done off the 5-Axis Vertical Mill, and they are incredible. This package cannot get any better, and will be rolling in a week or two for final testing.

October 2011:

We have completed the VS-1250TT & VS-1500TT's package designs, they are now ready to roll on the streets. We are also neck deep in the design of the VS-X700 Gen-4 Conversion package. Believe me- this package is breathtaking. The fully optioned version is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Stay tuned for what quite literally may be the PERFECT head/cam package. Also check out our new direct-fit Gen-3 & 4 Oil Cooler Lines to replace the seeping, leaking, and failure prone OEM Oil Lines.

July 2011:

Wow, a lot has been happening around here! We have many new and redesigned products on the shelf, including a new stone guard system for the front wheel wells of the Viper SRT-10's, new Gear Ratios for 5th and 6th gear in the TR6060 transmissions, and many new polished items available. Contact us for more information!

April 2011:

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January 2011:

Hello Fellow Viper Owners and members, I just wanted to post a quick note: in case anyone has noticed that we are not listed as Vendors on the VCA website at this time, that is correct. In short, the VCA website made a vendor rule change back in July that restricts its paying vendors from having contact information on their posts, or linking directly to their website. Well, we view this as counterproductive, and going against the whole point of a sponsorship. Having site analytics enabled, we witnessed a near total drop-off of traffic from the VCA website. At this time, we see no point in continuing to flush sponsorship advertisement fees down the drain, when it could be used to sponsor other websites, events, or raffles which we may see a real benefit from. Feel free to respectfully voice your opinion on the VCA website- but we don't think they are listening any longer.

December 2010:

Happy Holidays from us to you! We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a safe new years. Lots new going on here as well; The VS-1500TT package design is nearing completion, and the VS-1500TTvc is quite close to having an engine again after all of the testing of previously developed parts, some of which will soon be available openly. Stay Tuned this spring!

July 2010:

A rash of Gen-4 parts have begun arriving. We now have our fist set of custom-made Gen-4 profile pistons, our preliminary oil-jet design is a go, Gen-4 Stud Conversion is completed, and our replaceable Camshaft Bearings are in production.

June 2010:

Full speed ahead on Gen-4 engine development. We have made some technical decisions on this package, and have decided to tackle some of the toughest goals we could envision. We are trying not only to make the engine package strong enough to handle our extreme horsepower goals, but also have the ability to stand up to Hot Lapping. What does this mean? It means we need to focus on cooling the internal engine components in such a way that has not been done before in the Viper market. Piston Cooling Oil Jets will become part of our package offerings to keep the most critical combustion surface within temperature limits. Ceramic Coatings help, but not to the degree that is needed to help ward off detonation and ultimately piston failure. The cylinder walls, cylinder head, and valves have direct contact with Coolant or direct contact with a water-cooled surface... something that Pistons do not have. They are forced to propagate heat through a layer of oil to the cylinder walls, and sometimes through skirt coatings which are also an insulator. Not anymore!

April 2010:

Spring has Sprung! Here at VSP, we are working on putting together a fully built Gen-4 engine package, which will carry over some of our past ideas, as well as a large list of new ones. Stay tuned as we list some of our new products and innovations.

February 2010:

VSP is now working with Pectel Engine Management and Pi Research Data Acquisition Systems to develop the most advanced engine control systems and digital dashboards available for the Viper at this time. Stay tuned as we progress through implementation and develop the FIRST Pectel SQ6M12 controlled Gen-4 Twin Turbo Drivetrain Package, dubbed the VS-1500TTvc! This new package is based on our VS-1500TT package, but utilizes the Gen-4 Drivetrain with full Variable Cam control, Drive By Wire, Fully Sequential Ignition & Fuel, Integrated Wheel Speed Based Traction and Launch Control, and switch-selectable power levels. Other new items will also be tested on this pilot package, emphasizing component temperature control at high boost, as well as a higher usable RPM range and increases in pre-spooling low-end torque.

January 2010:

Happy New Years from VSP to you! We hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2010! With VOI-11 now on the table for this coming year, we are in the process of planning one of the longest trips ever conceived, stay tuned for the details, and feel free to tag along!

December 2009:

Happy Holidays from VSP!
We have added a few new products to the Viper market this month, including the Side Sill Stone Guards for the area behind the front wheels on the Viper SRT-10's, as well as our new Fuel Rails for the Gen-3 and Gen-4 cars. Check them out in our catalog, and don't forget to check our Ebay auctions below for many new and used OEM and Performance Parts!

November 2009:

Check out our unbeatable deal on SCT Flash Programmers and Software! Who would have thought that just 2 years later, you can get the software and the programmer for only 495.00!

October 2009:

With the delivery of a 2009 Engine, we have begun the process of figuring out what we can come up with to make you Viper Nuts drool just a little bit. We have some ideas, STAY TUNED, we are already slating some parts for production

September 2009:

Wow, what an event! Niagara Falls was quite the time, we hope everyone involved had fun too! Well, now summer is over around these parts... if you could even call what we had a summer, ha. Hopefully next year will be better, but until then, prepare for the winter! Make sure your car is clean, covered, filled with fresh gas, tires are inflated properly and your oil has been recently changed. We do not advise starting the car over the winter as condensation will form in the oil, but make sure the car was adequately warmed up to full temperature before storage. In these cases, a Battery Tender/Float Charger is recommended.

Drive Life.