Dan L.

Currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION... in the spare time I don't have :)

Modification List:

-Full VS-1500TTvc Package
-Billet, Oil-Less, TiAl Stainless Housing Turbochargers
-Dual Side Air/Water Intercoolers
-Water-Cooled TiAl Wastegates
-Pectel SQ6M12 Secured Mounting System
-Full MIL-Spec/Autosport Engine Wiring Harness
-Differential Fuel Pressure and Temperature Correction
-Omega ICD Full Color Digital Dashboard
-Tilton Triple-Carbon Heavyweight Clutch
-Alternate 5/6th Gear Ratios
-VSP Oil Cooler Line Upgrade
-EuroTeck 2-Piece Brake Rotors
-iForged Astra, 21x14"R, 20x11"F
-Black Chrome Wheel Centers
-Carbon Fiber Wheel Lip
-Viper Red Lip Pin-striping
-Pirelli 375/20/21R, 305/25/20F
-Plush Embroidered Carpets
-MyGig InfoTainment System Conversion
-Integrated Auto-Dimming Mirror w/uConnect Microphone
-Interior/Exterior LED Light Conversion
-VSP Carbon Fiber Stone Shields
-Stainless Kick Plates